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honda finance | Honda Motor Co. added more than 378 000 cars to the existing safety recall for air bag inflation problem, the company said Tuesday.
The Company will replace the driver's side air bag inflator on the car because they can spread the pressure too much, causing the inflator to burst and injure or kill the driver.
remember now affects more than 822 000 vehicles, including certain 2001 and 2002 Accord sedan, Civic compacts, minivan Odyssey, CR-V small sport utility vehicles and some Acura TL sedan utility in 2002.
Honda says aware of 12 incidents associated with this problem, with 11 injuries and one death. Companies say they are not aware of any problems that occur after the month of July 2009.
"However, we have concluded that we can not entirely convinced that the driver's airbag inflator in the vehicle were added to this recall at this time will perform as designed," Honda said in a statement.
Honda's announcement came at a time of increased attention on the automotive recall. Although unrelated issues, rivals Toyota Motor Corp. in the process of considering more than 8 million cars and trucks because the wrong pedal. On Tuesday, Toyota said it would recall more than 440 000 from the 2010 Prius hybrid flagship braking mistake.
"There are rights of heightened sensitivity to what to do with the recall," said John Mendel, executive vice president of sales for American Honda.
Honda recall originally announced to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in November 2008, involving fewer than 4000 2001 Approval and Citizenship, said the company. remember it was expanded in July 2009 to 440 000 vehicles, including the year 2001 and the 2002 Accord and Civic, and the 2002 Acura TL sedan particular.
Worldwide, Honda has attracted around 514 000 vehicles globally because of problems airbags. Company says it will make a press release issued in Tokyo at 11 am Wednesday (9 pm EST Tuesday) about how many vehicles in the whole world is affected by the recent recall expansion.
Company officials said the airbags produce too much pressure can cause the inflator broke, sending fragments of metal to the driver.
Honda said owners should take their vehicles to dealers so they will be notified in writing the company. Notification will begin during the month of February.
on Saturday (1 / 5 / 2010) yesterday announced a 167 255 honda lift manufacturer Acura TSX units.
As quoted by Reuters on Sunday (2 / 5), Honda said the recall was because the power steering oil leaking potentially causing a fire. which makes the product was withdrawn from 2004 to 2008.
"United States Government agency (the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration / NHSTA) states, cracked or leaking power steering hose," the agency said.
NHSTA also said that withdrawals after reports of fire caused by a leaking hose. "Improvement begins next May 28. Honda will notify owners of the Acura TSX and the dealer to fix it for free," call the agency.

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