Honda Recalls 167.255 Acura

The issue of withdrawal was struck car manufacturer Honda Motor Co. After some time, then pulled the Honda Jazz in Europe, Saturday (1 / 5) yesterday announced the lift manufacturer Acura TSX 167 255 units.

As quoted by Reuters on Sundays (2 / 5), Honda said the withdrawal was due to the leaking power steering lubricants and hence, potentially causing a fire. which it was made products withdrawn from 2004 to 2008.

"Institutions of the United States authorities (the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration / NHSTA) states, cracked or leaking power steering hose," said the agency.

NHSTA also said the withdrawals came after the reports of fires caused by leakage of the hose. "Improvement begins next May 28. Honda will notify the owners of the Acura TSX and the dealer to fix it for free, "call the agency.

Honda adds improvements will include replacement of the hose, the ring 'O' gaskets, and lubricants.

Acura is Honda's Saloon 2400 cc four-cylinder engine. Besides marketed in the United States, this car is also offered in Canada. However, as reported by Reuters, there is no Acura in neighboring countries the United States was drawn.

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