Gold Coins Gain

Over the last 10 years, gold has beat other investments. Of the stocks with bonds to real estate, there is no other investment that not only provides an average return above, but also a sense of security associated with just leaving your money in a savings account.

In group metals, gold is the metal which are sought after by people. In general search of gold prices, everyone is generally using gold spot. The term is used to find the current price of gold and gold charts online. Gold prices are designed to provide a level that is recognized and used as a benchmark for the majority of gold products and derivatives markets around the world.

Spot Gold is set in London by a group of 5 banks. Which it is a tradition of the gold price london. You need to know, gold prices historical setting occurs twice a day at the office of NM Rothschild & Sons in St Swithin's Lane. If you want involved in the world, I recommend to you the right place for it is In today's world share an unparalleled expectations / performance issues to the rising cost of unexpected life assurance, to inflation pressures showed no signs of slowing down soon.

"Soft Loan" China 4 Project Costs

The more vigorous government fix the infrastructure. Unmitigated the government has set four infrastructure projects that are ready to work on. The plan, the four infrastructure projects received funding support from China.

"The support in the form of soft loans," says Deputy Ministry of Infrastructure Development Planning Agency (VAT) Dedy Supriadi Priatna, today (01/14/2011).

Details of the four is a bridge construction project Kendari in Southeast Sulawesi worth 80 million U.S. dollars, Tayan bridge construction in Kalimantan worth 65 million U.S. dollars, the construction of toll roads Medan-Kuala Namu 475 million U.S. dollars, and construction of toll roads Cisundawu worth 250 million U.S. dollars.

"Importation of documents should be mid-January, only then give the tender price. It is estimated April or May has a contract signature no later than June, "he explained.

Unfortunately, he did not explain more detail related to soft loans from the country's bamboo curtain. Clearly, China said it has appointed a contractor from China who will participate working on the project.

"China has been talking with the Ministry of Public Works regarding the number of contractors and recommends that each of the three contractors for each project. Later they consortium with Indonesian companies, "he concluded.

New zodiac

As the news ever changed our zodiac. Of the 12 zodiac constellations that symbolizes, is now added a new zodiac namely Ophiucus. And composition of the zodiac was changed.

Actually, this new star system is not a new constellation of stars that form the basis calculation. In astronomy, there are 88 recognized constellations in the sky. Ophiuchus is one of 88 constellations, and also one of the 48 constellations listed by world-renowned astronomer, Claudius Ptolemaeus (Ptolemy), who live year 90 to year 168.

Necessary to distinguish between astronomy and astrology. Astronomy is the science involving the observation and explanation of events occurring outside Earth and its atmosphere. This science studying the origin, evolution, physical properties, and chemical objects that can be seen in the sky (and beyond the Earth), also processes involving them.

While astrology is the science that links between solar motion objects (planets, moon, sun) with human fate. Astrology emphasis on the influence of the stars of the character, the forecast will be live from the romance, health, finances, and matters relating to human life.

Ophiuchus is actually included in the modern Western zodiac who had only put 12 zodiac known. Ophiuchus which in Greek means the Snake Catcher is the only that has no astrological symbol. Why all of a sudden this year included Ophiuchus in the Zodiac naming system?

Yasser Arafat Die

Former Palestinian President Yasser Arafat, was allegedly killed by Israeli killed by using poison thallium. These toxins affect the body's blood flow and destroying internal organs one by one.

"This deadly material taken from kelp and made into a liquid that is colorless, tasteless and odorless," said Bassam Abu Sharif, a former senior adviser to Yasser Arafat as quoted by Al Arabiya news page, Tuesday, January 11, 2011.

Sharif said that the report is based on the findings of experts from Britain's leading poisons. He did not give the names of these experts for security reasons.

BlackBerry Finished in Indonesia

Some of the demand must be met by the relevant RIM BlackBerry services in Indonesia.

1. We ask for respect and obey RIM legislation in effect in Indonesia, related to some of Law 36/1999, UU 11/2008 and UU 44/2008
2. We ask RIM to open representative offices in Indonesia, because RIM's customers in Indonesia for the Blackberry already more than 2 million.
3. We Have RIM to open service center in Indonesia to make it easy to serve and their customers who are also citizens.
4. We ask RIM for recruiting Indonesian workers and absorb properly and proportionately.
5. We ask RIM for local content as much as possible use of Indonesia, in particular about the software.
6. We ask RIM to install software blocking of porn sites, as other operators already comply.
7. We ask RIM to build a server / repeater in Indonesia, for law enforcement agencies to conduct investigations against the perpetrators of crime, including corrupt.