Financial Decline After The Film Was Released Cowboy in Paradise

Cowboy in paradise. . What do you imagine when hearing the sentence above?

First we must imagine the cowboy in paradise as some burly man with a big hat, and horseback riding.

But what happens now? Image cowboy to be changed over the circulation of a documentary film cowboy in paradise.

Yes, some of today's society, especially Bali, Indonesia was fidgety with cowboy in the circulation of documentary films set in the beach paradise of Kuta, Bali.

His title was cowboy, but the contents of the activities of a gigolo or male sex peddlers who operate on the beach of Kuta, Bali!

And unfortunately the film's director Amit claims to the gigolo It was a local man BALI!

Certainly Society Society KUTA BALI particularly inflamed.
Although the activity can not be gigolo in punri there on the field, but the local guy is not the culprit most let alone from KUTA!

Can be proven in the field, the beach boys at the beach KUTA BALI mostly not the original residents.

There may be some local guy who has dated Bule Bali, but it is the usual dating relationships.
Since Bali is an international village, so the interaction between ordinary citizens of the world happened dimana2.

Just as the artists who had a girlfriend in jakarta Bule
whether the artists could be called a gigolo or prostitute?

Amit's profits continue what makes a movie like this?
And who paid?

Clearly we, the people of Indonesia will receive a lot of losses.
The most important is the image of Indonesian tourism which will be stained cultured.

Tourism We may be in the match with a tour in thailand sex and the Ladyboys.

Image Bali would be tarnished, and people who do not know what's actually going to consider Bali as a place full of sinners.

Communities and BALI Indonesia will suffer much loss.

The traders in the area are experiencing a lot of decline in terms of finances, it is because fear for being a gigolo, especially that most female members.

Asean tourism now is not good due to politics and terrorism.

There may be parties in foreign countries there is fishing in murky waters.

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