Survivor Samoa

After 39 days, 15 voice-off, 4 hidden immunity idol was found, 2 medical evacuations, 1 escaped chickens, and many acts of courage and buffoonery, Survivor: Samoa finally been crowned as the winner of the million dollars. Is hoarse Russell, who burned the socks, empty bottles, and collecting idols; Natalie, the smartest move is to never question Russell; Jaison, who took a stand against Ben in the beginning of the game and then immediately sat down and let Russell do the rest; Mick, elected tribal leaders and then to lead not just one; or Brett, who went to a series of victories immunity right when he needs? Well, find out who, how, and why right after the jump by clicking "read full post" link. And the winner is ... Samoa Survivor

... Natalie White. 26 years of pharmaceutical sales from Van Buren, Arkansas defeated Russell and Mick in the final three, received five of seven votes are read out by Jeff Probst (Russell won the other two).

Episode that begins with the first Jaison opt out after winning a third straight Brett immunity. Brett's luck finally ran out in the final of the immune competition, however, as Russell beat him in a nailbiting sculpture-on-a-polling balance competition. Silent Wonder selected out, leaving three late Natalie, Russell and Mick. The jury, however, clearly did not care that Russell fully control the entire game and won the final, most important immunity challenge, not a gift of one million dollars to people they just like Natalie more.

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