Sri Mulyani In World Bank

Gold in the land of the RAIN, rain rock in their own country. That's the right metaphor to describe the fate suffered by the Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani Indrawati.

Domestically Sri Mulyani regarded as prisoners. After the decision of the House of Representatives plenary session that set him responsible along with former Governor of Bank Indonesia, Boediono scandal Century Bank, Sri Mulyani is considered inappropriate to the Minister of Finance. When discussing the draft State Budget Law-Changes, two and Hanura PDI-P faction did walk out because of an objection comes to represent the government of Sri Mulyani.

At the time he was no longer valued in the country from Washington DC came the news that the World Bank appointed him as Managing Director of the World Bank. Sri Mulyani will replace the old officials from El Salvador, Juan Jose Daboub is retiring on June 1 next.

Sri Mulyani will have the responsibility to oversee development in developing countries in wilyah Latin America and the Caribbean, the Middle East and North Africa, and East Asia and the Pacific. Also as a substitute Daboub, Sri Mulyani has a duty to human development and sustainable development.

World Bank trust certainly a privilege for Sri Mulyani. Indonesia worthy sons of their nation proud that there are believed to occupy such a prestigious position.

Do we have to support the appointment of Sri Mulyani as Managing Director of the World Bank? If we see potential, Sri Mulyani's departure is certainly a loss for Indonesia. But judging from the larger context, to build a new pride for Indonesia, WE have to give that up.

We must look at the placement Sri Mulyani became Managing Director of the World Bank as an internship for him. Four years on the job is an opportunity to learn more about financial management and development, and simultaneously build a network.

With a relatively young age, 48 years, Sri. Mulyani still have plenty of time to work. The next four years he will more mature and increasingly have the ability to work more for the progress of Indonesia. World Bank experience in Indonesia makes it easy to capture the opportunities that exist in this world in order to bring Indonesia to a higher stage.

How is Century Bank and with the scandal that has made the House of Representatives issued a decision? Corruption cases against KPK certainly welcome to process it. But in the case faced by Sri Mulyani and also Boediono, core problem is not the corruption. Sri Mulyani and Boediono deemed inappropriate issued a policy of Century Bank rescue. As administrator of the state, both are considered incompetent.

On the basis of this, the decision of the House should simply respond with the removal of office. Because, the Parliament's decision was a political decision that the answer is simply a political decision.

If now the issue becomes complicated because President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono wants to bring political issues into the realm of law. Indeed, with the legal approach, the problem can be lit. But the consequences, officials deemed responsible for it must go through lengthy legal processes.

When the Corruption Eradication Commission to investigate it down, the two officials had been struggling. Sri Mulyani example should undergo examination twice, the second one even lasts up to six hours.

Unimaginable when the process continues to the investigation. Especially when coming prosecutions and trials, will be a very tiring process for the affected before reaching the verdict is determined.

Any political complications does not mean complete when the legal process runs. The proof Sri Mulyani several times refused to come to the House of Representatives.

Appointment of Sri Mulyani as Managing Director of the World Bank, followed by his resignation letter as the Minister of Finance should be the answer from the desire of Parliament that he was removed from his position as Minister of Finance. Unfortunately, the President has ordered law enforcers to process, so that after the examination difficult to stop running away.

We certainly expect the firmness of the President. Give way to Sri Mulyani to a new position as Managing Director of the World Bank and even give full support to such appointment.

Presidential press statement which on the one hand to approve the appointment of Sri Mulyani as Managing Director of the World Bank, but on the other side asks Sri Mulyani to complete the remaining tasks and affairs which provides interpretation stuff. May mean the President of the tasks and affairs which must be resolved in the context of the existing problems in the Ministry of Finance. However, because the explanation is not complete, people interpret the President asks Sri Mulyani to also finish first Century Bank scandal.

Because of the problems faced by Sri Mulyani is a matter of policy, should be his resignation as Minister of Finance has been a political punishment. For a Sri Mulyani, the penalty was enough to strike. We need not add more with other forms of punishment. Unless there is strong evidence that he benefited financially from the rescue that reached Rp 6.7 trillion to the Century Bank.

Whether in the case of Century who was wrong, which is still unexpected. Actually, who are fool among officials? Smart people wasted. was actually seen during his tenure as minister of finance, a lot of progress from the financial sector. we should have a lot of thanks God.

This time the President must have the courage to defend Sri Mulyani. As a man, certainly no shortage of Sri Mulyani. But not to the shortage, we would have to turn off their future.

Let us give an opportunity to Sri Mulyani to learn from his mistakes. We give honor to try to learn in larger organizations, hoping that four years' time he would ever become a person who is more useful to the nation.

We must learn to be more discerning. Let us not be late for mengumbar lust, because it would not be much benefit to the progress of this nation.

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