Yamaha BW scooter

Yamaha BW scooter Had this come to Indonesia, he would have preferred even though the price a little high because of superior technology.
Yamaha principal parties announced that the bike would land in England, the end of this April. Motor city commuter machine is equipped with a capacity of 124 cc, 4-stroke, with electronic fuel injection systems and engine cooled. Injection system was able to reduce emissions and efficient in terms of fuel usage.
“Big, wide, and both wheels wearing 12-inch sizes. This ensures comfort on the highway, even run over gravel or when traction is reduced slightly. Stability is good, good traction and comfortable ride make this scooter easy to maneuver,” so the statement from Yamaha Japan. BW 125 is very comfortable to wear tandem.
It was designed for the future, has a redesigned instrument panel, and trunk to put the helmet. BW 125 is marketed in combination with black and metallic white color. Want to know the price? To the British, BW 2499 dibenderol £ 125 or USD 34.4 million and already include tax. it will not drain your pockets finance.:)

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