Hotels in Belgium

Sometimes we are confused to get a cheap hotel with the best facilities, with the best facilities, we will get freshener to get the job done or just to liburan.maka than that I would recommend you to Brussels and Brugge hotels.
Brussels is located in the heart of continental Europe, where one of the best places to tour your city. Brussels is a city of culture, there are places of interest such as Victor Horta, the Music Instrument Museum and the Museum of Comic Strip. so you are hurt when passing.
In Brugge there are many cheap hotels, worth $ 97 of which contained at the Hotel Academie Brugge, which can be found in Wijngaardstraat 7-9 until the inherent worth $ 59 at Campanile Hotel Brugge, located in Jagerstraat 20, Sint Michiels, Brugge, Belgium. The tourists can search for price stability there.
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