What sex is better behind the wheel?

Since God knows men were claiming they are much better drivers than women. This doesn't mean this statement has to do anything with reality though. There was no debate around this subject but some men actually did take women's side on the matter. They confess their wives and girlfriends are driving more carefully on the road.

So let us analyze the situation and try to point out the traffic violation circumstances and both sexes being involved. Who do you think is more likely to end up with a fine - men or women?

To clear everything up we addressed this question to the independent experts who happens to be an insurance company worker.
"Men in general have certain driving habits that could lead them to an accident on the road. Nowadays especially, when teens start driving from the early age of 16, young boys try to make a big impression while on the road. They are not careful enough. Young girls protect themselves more. Insurance companies have to be very thoughtful when quoting rates for young people of 16 to 25. They can create problems for everybody." - the insurance company employee says.

There is a database that we actually did check upon the research. This is what it showed - in 2008 women resulted having no traffic violations against only 64% of men. The official numbers also provided for us also show that if women ever have any traffic violations on their record it is only as many as one or two, while men usually have more than 3.

Traffic STATS were making their own calculations for AAA statistics back in 2007. This is the information they came up with. It is a fact that men have a higher risk of having a fatal income during their road driving experience. According to the Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) and the National Household Travel Survey the number of men that died on the road is significantly higher than those of women - 175,094 for men against 82.371 for women.

Traffic STATS also reports that men are generally more willing to provide risk on the road by making deliberate forbidden stunts and creating risky situations for other drivers involved in the situation.

Age really does matter most of the time for everything. When you are young - you don't want to listen. You think you know better than anyone else around you. You want to prove people wrong by doing some things your own way. This is a very bad attitude to have while your roadway trip. Kids at the age of 16 that just got their license are more likely to die during an accident on the road than those men who are over 25. The same is for women. Young girls that are 18-22 have more road accidents than ladies over 25. It is also true that most things come with the experience.

There is also such opinion that men show much aggression while they are in charge on the road. They express it directly while women can express it indirectly if they decide to.

It is important to remember that auto insurance is not just a leaf that you can carry around in case you need it one day. Your attitude towards the car is much more important than anything. There is no guarantee that you will end up in an accident but it is better to be protected. Don't think men need auto insurance more than women. Both do!

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