Cost of Higher Education

Students and parents had various perspectives on how a college’s cost affected
their decision on which college to attend. Some parents and students explained
that if the student was admitted by the college with an academic program or
reputation they wanted, they did not want cost to be an issue. Others explained
that cost was not an issue when they applied, but that after being admitted, they
chose the best college for the money. The best college could be one that had a
major or program in the student’s chosen field, was close to home or work, or
provided a scholarship. Some students at two-year colleges mentioned that they
could not afford a four-year private school immediately, and would transfer upon
completion of their two-year community college program. Others mentioned they
planned to go to graduate school, so they were trying to keep the cost of
undergraduate education low. Still others indicated that they limited their choices
to in-state schools that had lower tuition for residents.

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