Car color myths

We know "red" to be portrayed as an aggressive color. May it be the reason for speeding tickets on the road for the red car owners or not we do not know but some people claim so. What we want to find out if the rates of the insurance company services change with the color of the car and if it is really true - what is the reason for it? We would also like to see how related the accident is to the color of your car.

Does anything make a "red "car faster?

People spread gossip and rumors around and some of them have absolutely no ground base. There are stories around neighborhood about "red" cars ending up with multiple tickets on the road. You might have also heard that red cars are difficult to insure and if they do become insured it costs you twice or even three times more. We want to assure you that there is no proof and these are not facts but just some made-up stories. It is hard to say which color of the car is better and what should people purchase while in the car shop. We also interviewed the insurers and police officers that state that they have never linked the car color to any violations on the road.

It doesn't mean you have to drive out of control just because your car is not red. You have to be careful no matter what car model you have and regardless of the company that manufactures it. It doesn't matter which color your car is, if you know the rules and respect them - you will drive without tickets.

You can tell by the color

The color may have nothing to do with the violations on the road, with tickets and rates of your insurance plan, but the color can definitely tell you lots about your personality. Green is the peaceful color so the people that usually go for green-colored vehicles are very calm and respectful on the road. If you talk about the" red car owners" they tend to be more aggressive and rude on the road. Such people love the risk itself but they don't realize the danger on the road is not welcome as you are not only responsible for your own life but also you should be considerate of those who are on the road with you. This is how this story took off - people thought of red and said "danger" and from danger we get higher premiums and expensive payments.

Color makes it pricey?

Do you get to spend more or less depending on your car color? Is it true that the paint on the car makes such a big money difference? The answer is - no!

Vehicle Identification Number should not be a threat to you. There are worries that come from certain persons that heard some gossip on the street about insurance companies taking into consideration your car color when they set the rates up for you. To be honest with you, there is much more to it than just color. The year, model, engine, technical data are way much more important than color. And of course, if you own a Lamborghini, your insurance will be expensive regardless of it being red or white.

You car insurance should become a "tough time" for you. Car insurance can help you to economize on latter difficulties ... without making it hard for you with the color. Believe us, we know the deal!

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