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In a rematch in 2006 in Anaheim, former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz of Huntington Beach and Las Vegas Forrest Griffin new acquaintances in Ortiz's UFC comeback against the division after dominating the contract last year.Griffin third and final round, blitzing Ortiz hard right to the face and combinations that are difficult, including shots to the body and difficult to kick your left leg. Ortiz has been cut below the left eye in round and sustained some good combinations.

The judge saw it like this: split-decision win to Griffin.

Ortiz has an impressive ring entrance with Eminem blaring at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, waving American flag.

First round:
Ortiz takes a right standing up, but charges and lands a right. Ortiz takes down Griffin and tries to ground and pound with some elbows flying. Griffin gets up, the pair end up reversing each other against the cage.
Griffin kicks Ortiz in the left leg, like he did against Quinton "Rampage" Jackson. Griffin hits Ortiz with a right-left combo punch to face. Ortiz misses a takedown. Both guys jab.
I give the round to Griffin.
Second round:
Ortiz takes down Griffin, smacks him with elbows. Griffin gets back up. Griffin kicks Ortiz in the mouth, knocking out Tito's mouthpiece. Tito takes down Griffin again, Griffin playing defense on ground versus former CIF champion wrestler.
Ortiz sends some elbows and fists to Griffin's face on the mat. Griffin's cut under the left eye, and now has a nasty cut at the right eye. Gushing everywhere. Griffin reverses Ortiz, trying to win round. Some pushing post-bell.
I give the round to Ortiz.
Co-main event, a middle-class conflict pitting the San Jose fighter Anthony Johnson and Josh Koscheck, will put the winner in a prime position for title shot at the Georges St-Pierre.

Koscheck initially got better than a stand-up striking exchange before Johnson appeared in two jabs. Johnson slipped the grasp, but then violated the rules by sending a violation Koscheck right knee to the head.

Kneeing on the mat, Koscheck appears to have got his arm up in time to ward off a blow to the right eye. Referee Mario Yamasaki stopped the action and deducted points from Johnson for an illegal knee. A ringside doctor was called and reported to the referee that Koscheck has "blurred vision as a result of the foul."

However, Koscheck fight back and turned to wrestling. Johnson looked a little cut above the left eye.

In the second round, Johnson was stabbed in the left eye twice in the first minute. Both fighters exchange blows life has in the midst of an octagon. Johnson got Koscheck on his back and send some damage to the elbow with a 25-year head.

Koscheck (12-4) to maneuver behind Johnson (8-3), squeezed under strict thin Johnson, forcing Johnson to tap the rear naked chokehold with 13 seconds left in the round.

Koscheck calls and Hardy, mocking its status as upper middle-class competitor after.

"He did not fight anyone like me," Joe Rogan Koscheck said in an interview postfight.

UFC 106 is loaded with middle-class actions, and the third of four bouts showing Paulo Brazil's ThiagoJacob Volkmann (9-1). (12-1) vs. Minnesota

Thiago cut the bridge of the nose fighting beginning Volkmann, then capped the first round with a right to his face that made him fall. Thiago Volkmann again sent to the canvas with a kick to the body early in the second. Thiago also stronger in the pulp mat Volkmann.

Volkmann has some challenging Thiago time, get him in a choke late in the third, but it was too little, and Brazil won a unanimous decision.

UFC undercard sneak in some pre-pay-per-view bouts in the broadcast, in which middle-class Ben Saunders gave birth to two brutal knees to the face Marcus Davis, ended the fight 3:24 into the first round.

Middleweight Kendall Grove used his long legs to force Jake Rosholt to tap out due to triangle choke 3:59 into the first round.

Baroni, in the UFC again after a four-year absence and the task at Elite Xtreme Combat, came out punching, but could not sustain the business and began to take murder of his knees from Muay Thai specialist Sadollah (2-1). A monster right from Sadollah baroni cut near his left eye.

Sadollah still to launch a second attack, baroni felt tired in the second, take a right wicked left foot kick. His corner baroni urged to "take [Sadollah] out" in the third, but Sadollah clearly has the same idea in mind. Baroni suffered a big wound on his forehead. Sadollah continued to pound in the final minutes, a tough test baroni's toughness, but the evidence overall Sadollah skills.

An extraordinary effort by Saddolah (3-1), confirmed by a unanimous-decision victory as baroni falls to 13-12.

A light heavyweight battle between Cane and Luiz Antonio Rogerio Nogueira, the younger brother of former heavyweight champion, ended with Nogueira quickly as veteran left-handed down five punches to open the fight, the last of the most destructive and lead-called technical knockout 1:56 into the first round .

In the UFC debut, Nogueira (18-3) has an impressive corner, including his brother, Antonio Rodrigo and middleweight champ Anderson Silva.

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