Student Loan Service

At every College and University across the country, each Student Loan Department operates a little differently. That's why ECSI offers three (3) flexible Levels of Service to meet your needs. From Due Diligence Compliance to Data Backup & Storage and everything in between, we've got you covered. By partnering with ECSI, we'll allow you to focus on what's really important by relieving you of the following administrative responsibilities:

* Monthly Bill Creation & Mailing
* NSLDS Reporting
* Credit Bureau Reporting (New Metro 2 Format)
* Document Imaging & Storage
* Monthly Management Report Generation
* Required System Enhancements
* Web Site Updates & Maintenance

ECSI's Super Modified Service typically works best for clients who are properly staffed and are converting from In-House Systems. As a Super Modified Service Client, you'll rest assured knowing that you're always in compliance with Federal Regulations, while still maintaining full contact with your borrowers. This level of service allows you to continue processing all of your borrower's Payments & Entitlement Forms, while still receiving all Inbound Phone Calls.

Our Modified Service is almost identical to our Super Modified Service, with the exception of Payment Processing. As a Modified Service Client, you'll save time and relieve your administrative workload by allowing ECSI to process all of your borrower's Payments on your behalf.

And finally, Full Service is our most comprehensive and cost-effective solution to managing your Student Loan Portfolio. As a Full Service Client, ECSI will provide your borrowers with World Class Customer Service & Unlimited Phone Support, while processing all Payments & Entitlement Forms on your behalf.

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