Eminem’s American Music Awards


Eminem American Music Awards performance is a straight knockout, resulting blow video across the web. Included in rap are rebellious action hits "Crack a Bottle", in which he performed along side of 50 Cent, and Drake's "Forever".

Controversial rapper appeared to look the same AMA fierce as always wearing a hoodie, under a white tee, and pants. When he bobbed up and down the stage to the rhythm, lyrics spat fiercely intense Em, while providing performance that reminds us of earlier days. In all honesty this is the best I think we have seen "8 Mile" rap star from the drama of hip-hop emerged in 2002.

At the beginning of rap Eminem announced his own routine, exclaimed:

"Ladies and Gentlemen: As you have all been waiting for. In this corner, weighing 175 pounds, with a record of 17 rapes, 400 attacks and four murders. The most evil man in the world ... Slim Shady."

The audience felt Slim too, and dare I say maybe even more than other artists on the night. What do you think? And soon after announced 50 places to go bananas as two crazy people knocking on their way to a TKO.

Both pat each other, and then began work on what turned out to be an extraordinary performance before the "baby by me" (music video prime 11/2/09) disappeared lyricist. Their songs turned into "Forever," and the rest is history. At the end of the song Em threw his fist up, and missing persons, who proved he still had it.

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