Determined to get the saddle back, she enjoyed visits from his grandfather
Wednesday, November 25.2009
By Allister Hagger 

 A young horsewoman GIFTED been paralyzed from the neck down after suffering from a rare vertebral body damaged in two hours.
Abby Rout age 20 was enjoying dinner with college friends when the hands and feet were numb.
Soon after, he lost all feeling below the neck. Doctors diagnosed with acute transverse myelitis, a rare find that damage nerve cells.
Study horses that have moved students in the hospital for six weeks and has been warned he may never walk or ride a horse again.
He said yesterday: "Doctors are still not sure how much I can recover, but I'm trying to stay strong.
"Although I've gradually able to get some feeling on my right side I am still stuck in bed and could not walk.
"I really want to be with my family and my friends again, and I do not give up hope of riding horses, Pandora."
Abby, from Banwell, Somerset, was at dinner with friends from Sparsholt College, Southampton, when tragedy struck.
His father Andy, 46, a maintenance man and coastguard rescue officer, said she was determined to fulfill his dream of becoming a riding instructor.
He added: "It was horrible seeing him like that, especially because I could not do anything about it, but I know he'll pull through."
Any recovery from acute transverse myelitis usually occurs within the first two years.

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