Can I Consolidate My Student Loan Twice?

Many people ask, "Can I consolidate my student loans more than once?" If you have already obtained a consolidated student loan, you may notice a need for another consolidation. If you have not received a consolidated loan, knowing the reasons for a re-consolidation will be helpful when choosing a company for your original consolidation loan.

Your education loan consolidation company may have rules and restrictions in your original loan contract that will not allow re-consolidation, so if you know that you may need one in the future you might want to make sure that your original consolidation company allows re-consolidations.

Consolidating Student Loans:

When you have multiple loans outstanding, consolidating can help in so many ways. You can lump all of your loan payments into one payment. The most important reason to consolidate your loans is because you can save on the interest rate. Instead of paying interest on several loans, you will only have to pay interest on one loan.
Can I Consolidate My Student Loan Twice?

The simple answer is yes. If you have already consolidated your multiple education loans, you are already paying a lower interest. Should you accumulate more loans after your first consolidation, you may consolidate again. You may also want to re-consolidate after you get married and your spouse also has multiple student loans in need of consolidation. You can combine your consolidation with your spouse's student loans to create one consolidated loan.

Where Can I Re-consolidate?

In most cases you can re-consolidate with the original consolidation company. An important thing to remember is that when you re-consolidate you may not get the same interest rate, in fact it will probably be higher as you are adding more weighted interest.
In this crazy world where bills arrive almost daily, consolidating loans student is the best way to lower stresses of those daily wallet drainers. You can stop asking yourself, "Can I consolidate my student loans more than once?" Under the right circumstances anyone can consolidate their student loans more than once. Marriage and more schooling are the only reasons that could allow you to re-consolidate, but they are very good reasons which is why re-consolidations are there.

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